Growth Driven Design

GlobalYogi Labs is a certified growth driven design agency. We can help turn your website visitors into qualified leads. We can get them to take action.

Do you find that many visitors to your website leave without adhering to your call-to-action, or making a purchase, or even getting in touch? Why are they leaving? Where are they going? Chances are, they are going to your competitors. We do not want this! We want your business to flourish! That is why we concentrate on growth driven website design.

As a business, your website is your most important sales person and your number one marketing asset. As an asset and a sales representative, it should be continually learning, improving, and increasing sales. Is it?

If your website is not performing, we have a simple explanation: traditional website design is dead. It is time to implement growth-driven design.


Traditional Web Design is DEAD!

How much money and time are you wasting on your website? Do you even realise it?

Your website is the hub of your marketing endeavors. It should be your top performing
“salesperson.” However, what if we told you that traditional website design comes with a host of wasted
opportunity and systemic risk? As a business person, that is probably not what you want to hear!

The risks of traditional web design include:
  • High delivery times – wait for months before you see any results
  • High initial layout – anywhere from $15,000 - $100,000
  • No guarantee that the site will perform the way you would like it to
  • You cannot do major updates until you have the site redesigned
  • Traditional websites are frequently out of scope, over budget, and late to go live
  • The design work is seldom data-based, but usually subjective
  • There is no room for continuous learning and improvement
  • There is often a disconnect between marketing and sales

Great! So, What Exactly Is Growth-Driven Design?

To put it mildly, the growth-driven design has revolutionized web design. It is a smarter way of
creating websites. It is a fresh take on design, and it minimises the risks by allowing users to test
and improve continually upon every facet of a site while ensuring that both the sales and marketing
teams are actively involved with your business’s #1 marketing asset and top “salesperson” – your
site. It is all about positive results and real, tangible, ROI for your business.

How Do We Approach Growth-Driven Web Design?

The best way to describe our approach to growth-driven website design is to explain the principles
we follow when designing your site.

Okay, But What’s the Difference Between Traditional Web
Design and Growth-Driven Design?

Most traditional web design agencies deliver sites that are over budget, out of scope, and just plain
late. Growth-driven design from GlobalYogi Labs is all about agility, timeliness, and

  • Traditional design
  • Over scope
  • Too many features
  • Expensive
  • Based on assumptions
  • Designer-driven
  • Rigid regarding changes
  • Subjective
  • Late launch
  • Not aligned with marketing and sales teams
  • Growth-driven design
  • Within scope
  • Results-oriented
  • Cheaper and quicker
  • User-driven and based on actual behavioural data
  • Can be tweaked as buyer behaviours change
  • Based on marketing data and analytics
  • Room for continuous improvements
  • Quick launch times
  • Tight integration with marketing and sales teams

Our Growth-Driven Design Methodology

Take a look at the stages involved in growth-driven design at GlobalYogi Labs.


Step 1 - Strategy

We start by building a solid foundation on which to build the growth-driven design process. We use the following questions to help formulate the strategy:

  • What performance goals do we want to achieve with your site?
  • Who are your buyers?
  • How is your website currently performing?
  • What is and what is not working with your current website?
  • Where are your users dropping off in the process?
  • What are your current or desired value propositions for your website?
  • What is the global strategy for the site?
  • What is the page-by-page strategy that will help reach your goals?

Step 2 - The Launch

Based on the answers in the strategy stage, our team will devise creative and unique ideas for your website, such as:

    • Impactful pages and sections
    • Marketing resources, tools, and assets
    • Specific functionality and features
    • Creative and impactful design elements
    • Changes in user experience based on geography, devices, etc.

We then use the above list to come up with action items that we can implement on the website before it goes live. This is our starting point, and it does not take long to launch. It is not perfect at this stage, but we guarantee it will be an improvement on the site you already have. From here, we can improve each and every element of your website.


Step 3 - Continuous Improvement

Once the website has launched, we can start analysing what is and is not working and optimise where needed. With growth-driven design, there is always room for improvement based on your visitor’s behaviours and the data we collect, such as:

    • Value
    • Audience
    • Usability
    • Stickiness
    • Digital assets
    • Conversation rate optimisation

The entire concept of growth-driven design is based on your buyer personas - those who visit your website. At every stage of the cycle, we will ask ourselves how this relates and how we can continue to provide value to your visitors.

Step 4 - Transfer and Repeat

The final step in the growth-driven design cycle is to transfer any pertinent information we have gathered during the design process to other parts of your company. We will educate your team members about our observations and recommendations and brainstorm ways to integrate and transfer these ideas into action items.

With growth-driven design, the fundamental idea is to keep improving, so we go right back to the beginning and start planning the next cycle. Each time, you can look forward to better results and a deeper understanding of your visitors.


How It All Began

Right from the beginning, our team at GlobalYogi Labs aimed to build close and long-lasting relationships with our valued clients. We know that relationships help to deliver the best services possible at the most affordable prices. In fact, we are all about quality over quantity.

The building blocks of our company are creative flair and good business sense. It is our number one goal to deliver the best return on your website investment. We aim to make your budget stretch without compromising on quality.

For over 15 years we have breathed website design. We have had the fortune of working with a myriad of clients, and we have launched hundreds of websites. However, we realised something was wrong. We realised that traditional web design was dead.

We began to notice just how flawed the website redesign process is. Too many businesses are at a significant disadvantage with outdated websites because the redesign is just too stressful, expensive, and time-consuming.

That is when we came up with a new approach to web design. We wanted to get out client’s sites up and running, on time, on budget, and with pure out-of-the-box creativity. We wanted to turn a site’s visitors into qualified leads. Moreover, that is what we did.

During our process of learning and development with growth-driven design, we have learned that the traditional approach to building and maintaining a website is full of systematic risk. Even worse, it costs your company precious time, budget, and loads of lost opportunities. We figured out a better way and an innovative way to approach websites that offer tremendous potential for your company. We are not afraid to challenge traditional web design.

Hear what our client says

Chirag Joshi
HDS (Hospitality Dietary Solution)

GlobalYogi Labs helped me with many marketing ideas to establish my brand name in market and I must admit that they all have been very helpful for me to establish my business.

Ross Pelligra

Working with GlobalYogi Labs was a great experience for our brand. They understood our brief and delivered an outstanding strategic outcome.

Let us take a smarter approach to your site design

Let us help you avoid website disasters so that you can look forward to better results, impressed clients,
and a growing bottom line. Our revolutionary approach to growth-driven design will see your business go
from strength to strength.

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