Does your brand stand out? What are you doing to get noticed? How are your faring compared to your competitors?
Make your brand stand out and broaden your reach with GlobalYogi Labs. It does not matter what the project is, we will work through our branding process to find the perfect creative brief for you. Our expert team will come up with turnkey solutions for your brand and business, personalised for your needs – be it a startup, an offline business, or a popular online business.

What’s the Big Idea?

Before we can come up with your big idea, you need to understand what branding is.
Branding is:


Vital to the success of your business


An expression of the truth of your organisation, service, or product


What your prospect thinks of when they hear your brand name


A creation of a perception about your services or products


Encouragement to buy a product or service


An identity – it is how your products or business are recognised


Something identifiable, with or without a logo


Right now, what does your brand stand for? Beyond the everyday business stuff, why does your brand exist? What motivates your staff to do what they do? Are they excited by the concept of being the best in the industry?

It is these things, when delivered sincerely, that convince people that your business is different. Branding personifies your purpose.

Now, consider this: is your brand and business consistent in delivering to a purpose?

How about this: will your employees and customers give the same answer as you to the previous question?


Brand Architecture

Brand architecture is the structure that lies behind your brand. It entails every aspect of your business. The right architecture makes your business easy to understand and it can help targeted audiences form long-lasting, solid relationships with you.

Brand Identity

Does your brand stand out? Does it have an identity? Your brand identity has got to stand out and be true to what you stand for. It is not just your logo anymore. Now, brand identity incorporates typography, colors, imagery, and characterful language.

GlobalYogi Labs takes great pride in creating identifiable brands, regardless of whether a logo is visible or not. We make it our job to take each element of your brand’s identity and create something unique, interesting, creative, and something that will set your brand apart from the competition. We also ensure that your brand identity remains true to your overall brand and values.


Brand Voice

You have understanding of brand identity – it is how your brand looks. It is even about the people, logos, colors, and imagery that will feature on your advertising campaigns. So, what about your brand’s voice?

At GlobalYogi Labs, we are proud to have a Principals language team who will work tirelessly to create engaging and creative brand voices that will ensure your brand stands out from your competition. We make sure that voice carries across every platform you need to speak from – your Facebook posts to your blogs, your ad campaigns to your business cards, and everything in between.

For more than a decade, we have been creating authentic, unique language systems for local and international brands alike. We have had the privilege of developing unique voices for more than 100 brands and our experience extends to all sorts of content, social media, and copywriting language services. Our unique process will help you find the perfect brand voice and revolutionise the way you communicate with your customers.

Get Your Brand Heard, Noticed, and Remembered

Our branding services include:

  • Strategy
  • Naming
  • Design
  • Style guide
  • Story
  • Training
  • Stationary
  • Content
  • Collateral
  • Launch
  • Brand management

Every element of your brand strategy, including its values, positioning, brand idea, and per-sonality, have to ring true for everyone who comes into contact with your brand. These elements need to reflect your purpose and reinforce your overall business strategy. When this happens, your brand is rendered authentic. It is then that it will have a believable and relatable story to tell.

In turn, you will relish is a brand that builds rapport, reputation, and success. If you battle to say what your brand stands for and if you doubt your brand, it is time to talk to GlobalYogi Labs.

Hear what our client says

Ross Pelligra

Working with GlobalYogi Labs was a great experience for our brand. They understood our brief and delivered an outstanding strategic outcome.

Peter Stone
Bosisto Commercial Real Estate

First class service. They go the extra mile. Highly recommended.

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