Coding/Programming Process and Sample Programming Standards, Checklist and Naming Conventions


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  • Coding Process
  • Programming Standards and Technical Review Checklist
  • JDeveloper Coding Standards Checklist
  • PowerJ Coding Standard
  • PL SQL Standard
  • Naming Convention for VC++
  • HTML Naming Conventions
  • Checklist (Code Review)

Coding process consists of both coding and self-testing. The developers generally carry this out and they are formally handed over the details of the units to be coded and the schedule. Careful consideration should be given to the development tools & platforms and the skills that are available within the organization before taking up the coding process.

This document can be used by:
  • Sr. Project Managers/Project Managers
  • QA Department
  • Testers
  • Project Leader
  • System Analyst
  • Programmer
  • Network Administrator
  • System & Acceptance Test Group
  • Other Support Department.

This document can be used to understand and prepare:
  • Coding Process
  • Applicable Standards
  • Testing
  • Effective Programming Methods
  • Peer Review
  • Technical Review

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