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To provide for a policy framework so as to bring greater validity and reliability to assessing the training and development needs and to facilitate the training of the employees for improving their performance, nurturing their individual growth plans and preparing for future organizational roles.
  • The organization shall strive to create, sustain and enhance a vibrant learning culture in all its operations and endeavours.
  • The needed skills and knowledge for every employee are identified. The means of imparting training are classroom training, guided self-study, on-job training.
  • Training shall be provided to build the skill base of the organization, and to satisfy the specific needs of the project. Both internal as well as external training programs are arranged to satisfy the training needs.
This document can be used by:
  • CEO
  • Owner
  • Sr. Project Managers/Project Managers
  • Project Coordinator
  • QA Department
  • Training Coordinator
  • HR Department
This document can be used to understand and prepare:
  • Training Program Management
  • Training Program Coordination
  • Training Flow Diagram

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