Defect Prevention Process in IT Projects and Common Error Checklist

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  • Defect Prevention Process Document
  • Causal Analysis Report
  • Common Error Checklist – Requirement Catalogue/SRS
  • Common Error Checklist – Functional Specification
  • Common Error Checklist – Design Specification
  • Common Error Checklist – Unit Testing
  • Common Error Checklist – Integration Testing

The purpose of the Defect Prevention Process is to identify the cause of defect and prevent them from recurring. It describes the process that should be followed by defect prevention group in order to plan, monitor and execute defect prevention activity.

This document can be used by:

  • Sr. Project Managers/Project Managers
  • Project Leader
  • Development Team
  • Testers
  • Quality Assurance (QA) Team
  • Other Support Department.

This document can be used to understand and prepare:
  • Defect Prevention Planning
  • Defect Prevention Monitoring & Tracking
  • Common Errors Check Lists

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