Hi there, I’m Yogi.

I live in Australia but,
as my logo suggests,
I work with clients
all over the world.

  • Mobile & Web Expert
    Mobile &
    Web Expert
  • Digital & Marketer
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Website Design & Marketing Agency Australia

I am dedicated to helping my clients grow and
achieve business goals and I am passionate about

Strategizing, planning and executing

Strategizing, planning
and executing

Delivering innovative digital products

Delivering innovative
digital products

Creating and discovering new ideas

Creating and discovering
new ideas

With Burning Passion

I love what I do. I approach every day feeling passionate about the work I am completing. I bring all my expertise and creativity to every project that I work on.

With Sensible Responsibility

I know that a strong digital presence is crucial to the success of a company. That is why I approach my work with high levels of professionalism and responsibility.

With Guaranteed Reliability

I know the importance of getting work done efficiently, on time, and on budget. You can rest assured that I will adhere to any deadlines, financial constraints, or other promises I make.

With High Quality

I know that my clients want the highest quality results possible. That is why I aim to deliver 100% satisfaction with every project I complete, and ensure all expectations (creative or otherwise) are met.

I love designing, creating, and delivering innovating digital products to help clients realise their online potential.

I strive to provide you with the perfect solution to your business needs.

Using my expertise to provide you with best results I provide clients with assistance in:

  • Branding

  • Product Creation

  • Design and UX

  • Strategy and Consulting

  • Mobile App Development

  • App Marketing

  • Project Management

  • SEO

  • Web Design

  • Outsourcing and Offshore Development

  • Business Development

  • Business Analysis

  • User Acquisition

I find discovering and exploring new ideas, as well as working alongside creative minds, inspiring. When collaborating with people as passionate about their work as I am, I find my enthusiasm for my own work is constantly renewed.

During my career, I have worked with some truly amazing startups and enterprises. I love problem solving and I am motivated by challenge. So no matter what help you require, contact me and I’ll be able to provide you with a solution you’ll love.

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What you need to know about me

Yogi Patel
Holding a Master’s Degree in Marketing, as well as certificates in Project Management, Microsoft Programming and Six Sigma means I am highly qualified to complete any project you require.

When I am not working I enjoy improving myself by exploring my passions that include travelling, photography, and meditation.

I love spending time with my wife and daughter. My family life is extremely important to me. I see a lot of myself as having being shaped by my family, as well as my overall life experiences.

My great passion in life, and what I always strive for, is to continually improve myself. I am driven by curiosity and a desire to know how things work, and the desire to make them better. That is why I am constantly reading and constantly learning.

I believe that being fascinated and engaged with the world around us is the way to stay youthful and enjoy life’s experiences.

I love challenging myself professionally and that is why I am part of several businesses. I run my own small web design studio called Instani, a Mobile App Development Studio called Per Square Media, and an Online Marketing Agency called Platinum SEO. Right now I am working on 3 digital products.


So what sets me apart?

I am passionate about digital projects

  • My philosophy is to continually improve myself whether
    through study, work, family, or pursuing what
    I am passionate about.
  • Contact me